Ming Dynasty Achievements

China's Grand Canal.jpgThe Ming Dynasty contributed greatly to the fields of culture, science, and technology. Moreover, textiles and mining industries also flourished during this time. Towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, a capitalist production system was gradually developing. The Ming Dynasty achievements resulted in many entrepreneurs readily seizing economic development opportunities.

Building the Great Wall

One of the biggest Ming Dynasty achievements in the field of engineering is the completion and repair of the Great Wall. Although construction of the wall had started in earlier dynasties, numerous additions and repair work was made to the present-day structure during the era of the Ming Dynasty.

The Great Wall spans the nine provinces of Gansu, Ningxia, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Beijing and Liaoning across China’s deserts, mountains and northern plains. In the era of the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall extended from the Shanhaiguan Pass to the Jiayuguan Pass. Towers were redesigned and many more watch towers and canons were also built along its path.

Technological Achievements

The restoration of the Grand Canal was also a major achievement of this era. A wide range of machinery and equipment from which silk and cotton looms were made were invented during this era. Major advancements in military science led to the invention of a projection firearm known as the Huochong gun.

Advancements in Art

Ming Dynasty achievements also included major contributions in the fields of philosophy, art, and literature. The Forbidden City, Beijing, was a major architectural achievement which was also constructed during this era.

The famous white and blue porcelain of China originated in the era of the Ming Dynasty. Jade, bamboo, and ceramic carvings led to the development of handicrafts during this time. This made China very famous for its silk, paintings, handicrafts and cotton weaving. Trade with other nations flourished during the Ming dynasty. Therefore, Ming Dynasty achievements made China a major cultural and political power.